I designed and developed a series of educational math video games for use in high school math courses across the country. Featuring characters and scenes illustrated by the talented Mike Holmes, 'The Legend of Geomethor' taught various algebra and geometry topics through retro, playful platformer action. 
The game series was an interactive solution I proposed as an alternative to the usual assessment quizzes at the end of this high school online geometry course. The games gave students a reward at the end of a lesson, and a challenge to apply the math concepts to help your character survive. 
I worked side-by-side with the curriculum developers to ensure each level was accurate and measurable alongside the course material. We crafted a 'completion code' that was generated at each successful level completed. It contained an encrypted report of the students' performance within the game, percentage of correct answers, and how long it took the student to complete the level. This code was sent to each student's teacher in place of a standard quiz score.
I developed the series as web-based HTML5 games so that it would seamlessly integrate into the cloud-based curriculum platform. I also ensured desktop and mobile compatibility with multi-touch controls. By avoiding any required apps, plugins or installations, the series was accessible for all students using any device to take the course.
The game series won the Silver award at the 2016 International Serious Play Awards.
Curriculum Summary Video
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