Okilly Dokilly is a Ned Flanders-themed metal band that started in a garage and blew up into a full-time mustachioed business real quick. After our EP received over one million plays overnight, we recorded and released an album independently, somehow reaching #4 on the Billboard charts for comedy albums – thank goodness Weird Al didn't release anything that month. 
With the directorial vision of our buddy Justin Humbert, we filmed a music video in the middle of the desert, destroying a living room we cobbled together out there, reaching 2.9 million views on YouTube. We showed up in Rolling Stone, TIME, New York Post, Playboy, Entertainment Weekly, Vice and Billboard.
In between thrashing my synth around and singing the falsetto bits, I designed t-shirts, enamel pins, beer koozies, patches, picks, totes, album artwork, posters, social media goodies, and gnarly bloodied-up backdrops for our stage show. It was the most fun when I got to draw skeletons.
The peak of fun-time was when The Simpsons ended one of their episodes with our music video. Our cheeks were clenched the whole time wondering when they would sue us; turns out, they're super supportive and chill, and blasted our stuff out across everyone's televisions.

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