Use your computer's camera to take photos of your facial expressions and give the ACT-O-MATIC emotions, placing helpful emote-o-stickers where needed. Then control the ACT-O-MATIC in a dramatic scene: pay attention to the script carefully, and call out the correct emotions to go with the lines in the script using the number buttons on your keyboard. React appropriately to win the adoration of a wild crowd!

Made in 20 days for the Portland Indie Game Squad's annual Summer Slow Jams series and submitted to June 2022's "Character Creator" jam.  
We used facial cut-outs from the 1930s as the stickers, and various text-to-speech robots for the emotive and expressive acting work. Will Lewis wrote all the movie script lines, which are designed to be chosen at random for each playthrough. Will also composed all the music in this game within WarioWare D.I.Y. on the Nintendo DS. It's some of my favorite music ever.
Alex Benson - Programming, Art, Animation
Will Lewis - Writing, Music
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